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How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Florida
How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Florida

Monday, 11-Jul-2016, by admin | 0 Comment(s)

Any loss of wages in today’s trying Orlando economy can be devastating. If you have outstanding debts, credit card companies, creditors and the IRS can take legal action to garnish your wages. They can legally garnish up to 25 percent of your wages in some situations. Garnishments can be the result of credit card debt, hospital or medical doctor collections, the IRS and tax debt, or judgments from private lawsuits.

If your wages are being garnished or if you fear they could be, Andrew Steele Law Firm can help figure out how to stop wage garnishment. Andrew Steele Law has extensive experience in dealing with wage garnishment cases.

Wage garnishment is legal in Florida. A creditor may use garnishment as a method of seizing your wages, assets, vehicles, and even the money in your bank account. In a garnishment case, your employer is informed that they must deduct a portion of your income from your paycheck and surrender it to your creditor until the debt is paid. You may not be notified in advance that your wages are about to be garnished. You also may not be able to get back the money or property taken by the creditor. As a result, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately to learn how to stop wage garnishment.

Andrew Steele Law Can Help Protect Your Wages

If you are concerned that your wages may be garnished, contact the Andrew Steele Law firm today at (321) 269-2882 for a free and confidential consultation to further discuss your options. Andrew Steele Law is experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy and garnishment law and we are here to assist you in every step along the way.


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