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Wage Garnishment Exemption in Florida
Wage Garnishment Exemption in Florida

Wednesday, 20-Jul-2016, by Admin | 0 Comment(s)

Under Florida Statute 222.11, if you qualify as a head of household you may be legally entitled to stop a wage garnishment. The head of a household is someone who pays at least 50% of the living expenses for a dependent. The term “dependent” in head of household cases is broad and can include many different types of situations, children are not the only type of dependent that will qualify under the law. For instance, dependent may include an aunt, uncle, parent, or even a former spouse receiving alimony. See Killian v. Lawson.

If the debtor can prove they qualify as a head of household and their net income is less than $750 per week, the wage garnishment will not be permitted. If the debtor’s net income exceeds $750, the creditor may be permitted to attach the garnishment to the amount that exceeds $750 per week. The debtor seeking head of household protection will have the burden of proving they qualify for the exemption.

It is important to note, the head of household exemption does not protect tax refunds from garnishment. Tax refunds are not considered wages, thus are not protected under the head of household statute.

Other Exemptions That Can Stop Garnishments:
Head of household is not the only exemption that can be used to stop a garnishment. For instance, exemptions to garnishments may also include: social security benefits, welfare, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits, pensions, life insurance benefits, and disability income benefits.

Alternatively, the debtor may be able to file a lawsuit to vacate the judgment. If the judgment is vacated, the previous court order granting the judgment to the creditor will be null and void. Whether or not vacating a judgment will be a successful option depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. If you think you may have legal grounds to vacate a judgment contact Andrew Steele Law Firm, a Florida wage garnishment lawyer.


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